The Capital Cases Charitable Trust (CCCT) was formed over twenty-seven years ago. The CCCT has a Panel of London-based lawyers, who work together with the Trustees, to assist with capital and non-capital cases. The CCCT was and remains an unincorporated affiliation of law firms, mostly based in London, who are willing to support the work of lawyers in those firms on behalf of prisoners in the Commonwealth Caribbean.

Initially, the work of the Panel was focused on death row cases. More recently, our work has focused on representing prisoners who face life sentences following convictions for murder, since there has been an increase in non-capital sentences in the Commonwealth Caribbean. This is, in part, a consequence of the success of certain policy initiatives within this region which have shifted convictions for murder away from capital towards non-capital sentences.
As a result, and by way of illustration, there are currently over two thousand inmates in Jamaica serving life sentences for non-capital murder convictions. There is a minimal level of support available on the ground, principally in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, to assist with these cases. Both at a cultural and individual level, the legal professions in those countries have proved resistant to developing a significant commitment to assisting the prisoners. We are dedicated to providing continued legal support and advice in these matters.