The Capital Cases Charitable Trust (CCCT) provides legal support and representation for prisoners in the Commonwealth Caribbean who are on death row or face life sentence. The Trust’s charitable objectives are wide.  In particular, we aim to assist the Non-Capital Cases in a variety of ways beyond the core work of representation on appeals to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

The main objectives of the CCCT are:


  • To promote the sound administration of the law by assisting in and enabling the provision of legal advice and representation to persons who have been either i) convicted and sentenced to death, and/or imprisonment, or ii) charged with an offence which could lead to such a sentence by the courts of any Commonwealth member country (and who, by reason of their inadequate means, are unable otherwise to obtain such advice and representation) in relation to the defence of such charges or the prosecution of appeals against conviction and sentence and the making of claims of violation of human rights in cases where the law of such countries permits the making of such appeals;
  • To advance education in the law, administration of justice, the treatment of offenders and the prevention of crime within the Commonwealth; and
  • To relieve and rehabilitate prisoners in Commonwealth countries by advancing the education, training and welfare of such prisoners who, by reason of their social and economic circumstances, are unable to obtain such benefits.